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Professionally control payroll and wages


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Gábilos Nóminas Profesional is an excellent app that is a great tool for managers and consultants so they can stay up-to-date, at the professional level, with everything having to do with managing the employee payroll of different kinds of businesses.

The program is designed for payroll professionals, although businessmen can also use it to keep track of their own accounts.

Gábilos Nóminas Profesional allows you to carry out all the paperwork dealing with the hiring and letting go of personnel, in addition to allowing you to create different official documents such as business certifications, professional contracts, wages, etc.

The part that takes the most amount of work in the program is entering the information, even though once they are in the program it will practically automate every calculation that could be made regarding the different aspects of a specific wage, contract, etc.

The number of tasks and employees is limited.

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